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Adana Kebab: This Kebab is Very Delicious in Adana

Adana Kebab is one of the most liked dishes by many people. As the name suggests, kebab belongs to the city of Adana and is one of its most famous dishes. Kebab is made using different recipes in different ways in different regions. Adana Kebab, which is among the different types of kebab, spreads its fame throughout the world. The reason why this kebab is different from other kebabs is that the meat used and the minced meat are prepared by hand. To briefly talk about meat, meat is male mutton.

Ingredients Used in Making Adana Kebab

  • Paprika (No spice is added other than cayenne pepper).
  • male mutton
  • Handmade: pepper and tomato paste.

Preparation Phase

Adana Kebab is prepared very easily. The meat of the kebab, which is made from male sheep meat grown in completely natural environments, is first separated from the fat, nerves and membranes. The puff point of Adana kebab is to leave the meat for 1 day to rest well. The meat, which is sufficiently rested, is minced by hand with a sharp knife called armor. Meat is not minced in the machine.

After the meat is completely minced, male sheep fat is added. About 15% of the meat amount. Male sheep fat is also finely chopped in the same way as the armor. Then, salt and chili pepper, which is a must for adana kebab, is added abundantly. Meat, tail fat, salt and chili pepper are kneaded well. The kneaded mixture forms the main line of Adana Kebab. The mixture is chopped again with the armor, which plays a major role in the preparation of Adana Kebab, and then left for 3 to 4 hours to rest in the refrigerator.

The prepared mixture is put on kebab skewers with a thickness of 0.5 and a width of 3 cm and a length of 90 to 120 cm. Then it is rested on the skewer for about 1 hour. When adding the minced meat to the kebab skewers, the hand must be moistened with water. This is done to prevent the meat from spilling on the skewer. This completes the preparation process. Now all you have to do is to cook Adana Kebab according to the style.

Cooking Method

Another feature that distinguishes Adana kebab from other kebabs is its cooking technique. Adana Kebab is cooked in a flameless, still and at the same time charred oak coal fire. The cooking process continues until the meat turns from red to dark brown. The skewers are frequently turned during cooking.

In the meantime, the oil drops dripping from the skewer are rubbed into the pita bread. The reason for this process can be explained as follows: The oil grains dripping from the skewer fall into the fire and ignite, which can cause deterioration in both the taste and smell of the kebab. To prevent this, the fat of the meat cooked on the fire is spread on the pita bread.

Service Type

It is generally served on a large plate. Pita bread is placed at the bottom of the plate, Adana Kebab is placed on the pita. Next to the kebab, roasted tomatoes and peppers are added on the same fire. In addition, lemon is placed on another plate next to the kebab plate. Seasonal salad, mint, parsley and hot pepper are also served on a separate large plate. Apart from these, ezme salad is one of the indispensable tastes.


  • One serving of Adana Kebab is approximately 282 calories.
  • Every job requires professionalism. You cannot make Adana kebab with a recipe.
  • The masters of this business gain a certain level of experience after working for many years.
  • The quality of the meat is important for Adana kebab. They have special kebab skewers and special tools for preparing meat.
  • The spices used, handmade tomato paste are not found in many cities and countries. Especially the handmade tomato and pepper paste is spicy and mixed.
  • Pita bread used for kebab is different in Adana.

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