Turkish Cuisine

Turkish Cuisine Dishes

Turkish cuisine dishes; It has a deep rooted food culture. Turkish cuisine, which has been the cradle of different civilizations and influenced the Balkan and Middle Eastern cuisine due to its geopolitical location, has the most delicious dishes in the world due to its richness of variety and general taste.

Turkey, which has different food tastes, offers its rich food treasure to the world. In addition to meat dishes, which differ from each region of Turkey according to another region, Turkish cuisine also includes a variety of dishes according to vegetarian nutrition.

Delicious Soups of Turkish Cuisine

In Turkey, which is a middle belt country where climate diversity is high, there are soup types that can be drunk in all seasons. There are many types of soups made from meat, vegetables, chicken and legumes belonging to Turkish cuisine. In winter, tarhana soup, lentil soup and chicken noodle soup are often accompanied by highland soup, which has recently become world-famous, is among the world-famous Turkish soups.

Turkish cuisine is delicious and delicious soups contain plenty of grains and legumes, so they are rich in vitamins and high in protein.

Symbol Dishes of Turkish Cuisine

Meat dishes prepared with the grill method and fish dishes with vegetables cooked in steam are among the first of the world-known dishes of the Turkish cuisine, which has a rich food treasure. In Turkish cuisine, delicious tastes are made with different cooking techniques from the healthy meats of animals raised in rural areas due to the climate of the country. Due to the existence of the straits and the fact that they are covered with seas on three sides, fish dishes have a special place in Turkish cuisine, as there are plenty of fish varieties and reserves.

The use of vegetables as fresh in the summer and dried in the winter has created delicious flavors. Turkish cuisine, where each region has different dishes from different materials, is a cuisine with a cosmopolitan variety of dishes.

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