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Practical and Delicious Kebab – Afyon Kebab Recipe

Afyon Kebab, one of the first kebabs that comes to mind when it comes to kebab, is one of the most famous dishes in Afyonkarahisar, a UNESCO Registered gastronomy city. Afyonkarahisar cuisine has an extremely rich cuisine with its traditional dishes.

Especially the use of poppy and poppy oil, which gives its name to Afyonkarahisar, is very famous. In addition, eggplant, which is used in many different dishes, has a very important place. One of them is eggplant pastry.

Afyon Kebab
Afyon Kebab

Afyonkarahisar Kebab

Afyon Kebab, which has made its reputation beyond the borders of the country; It is a type of kebab that people want to eat again and again with its taste and beauty of presentation. It is a dish that attracts a lot of attention from local people as well as tourists. Kebab is also made using different recipes in different regions. The reason why this kebab is different from other kebabs is due to the meat and oil used.

Afyon Kebab is also an indispensable meal of Ramadan (one month fasting per year in Turkey). For this reason, it is also known as Ramadan Kebab. The kebab, which amazes with its taste and presentation, is made using completely natural materials. Afyon kebab, which attracts attention with its easy preparation, is one of the dishes served to the guests.

Ingredients used for Afyon Kebab

  • 500 g cubed beef.
  • 3 pita breads (It can be different bread depending on preference.)
  • 50 g of butter.
  • 100 ml of liquid sunflower oil.

How to Make Afyon Kebab

  1. First you need to boil the meat. Add the meat to the pot, add 1 liter of warm water to it. Boil the meat on low heat, continue to boil the meat until the water runs out.
  2. When the broth has absorbed itself, add the butter and sunflower oil. Roast the meat for 15 minutes.
  3. Then, enough water is added to the pot to cover 1 liter of meat. Finally, salt is optionally added and the lid of the pot is closed and left to cook. The cooking process takes about 45 minutes.
  4. When you are sure that the meat is fully cooked, the cooking process ends.

NOTE: Optionally, 1 teaspoon of black pepper can be added into the broth or on the meat being cooked.

How to serve Afyon kebab: You can watch the video below.

NOTE: It can be eaten with optional yogurt or ketchup.

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